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"Faridah's passion for inspiring women is inspirational. Women in leadership roles face similar fears. We need to reframe how we perceive ourselves and the image we have of what a leader should be. After hearing her talk, I can strongly stick with what I believe. My dearest Faridah, it was not only  a privilege - but a pleasure - meeting you.

Captain Czarena Hashim, First Female Captain, Royal Brunei Airlines

"I thoroughly enjoyed your session. One key takeaway was the clarity chart exercise on areas of myself and interactions with others. I refer to the chart regularly to ensure I continue to be aware of those key areas of focus. This was an extremely helpful exercise."

Kim Owczarzak, Interim Head, India Operations, AIG Data Solutions

The best part of the training was the high level of engagement by all participants and the open discussion environment. I found it more powerful and useful than just sitting and listening to a trainer the whole time - 'two-way communication and instant feedback is the key.' It was a lovely experience and I certainly enjoyed it."

Roya Khajeh, AGM & Deputy Head of Cards & Payments, Commercial Bank of Qatar

"If I could describe what I learned from Faridah in one sentence, then it would be how to be positive in life. Every since I met her, my life has changed. Huge credit goes to her...she is truly an expert and creative in her training."

Fawzia Abdul Aziz, Logistics Manager,            Shell Oman

Her linguistic eloquence has opened a whole different meaning to how I see my true self and how that can be moulded to better defined positive traits to help influence the good in everyone who surrounds me,

Hjh Nurul Akmar Jaafar, Deputy Head, Consumer Banking Division, Bank Islam Brunei

Faridah constantly surprises me with her gems about myths we've grown accustomed and continue to adhere to even though they cripple us. She has an amazing ability to discuss challenges that women face realistically - and not skirt around them superficially.

Freda Liu, Host BFM 89.9, Business Radio, Malaysia

"We have to empower ourselves, not wait to be empowered by other people. Thank you for the lively and substantive presentation."

Anh Ngoc Nguyen, Team Assistant, World Bank

"The first time I met Faridah my thoughts were 'another trainer with soft skills modules to offer' but I was delighfully mistaken. I was thrilled for my team to learn a life skill that was not restricted to their work but about choices they make in their journey through life."

Melissa Norman, GM, Kelly Staffing Services

"I learned that it is vital to reinforce the need for change - in the thinking of women.  Great advocacy - job well done."

Nadinne N Navarro, Management Assistant, Nokia Philippines

The 1-day workshop on the Language of Leadership for Women was excellent! The content was practical and I learned specific new actions I can immediately use to improve my leadership skills.

Fatma Saif Al Hanthy, Senior Specialist Performance, Oman Oil Refinery & Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC) Oman

Your session was too short! I wish it would have been longer. It was excellent! I now understand why women need specific leadership training.

Wati Duri, Admin Assistant, Vodafone Fiji Ltd.