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The #1 reason people don't achieve the results they want in life is because of poor communication skills. I bring over 25 years of professional experience in communication -  combined with corporate experience managing international teams and international clients - to a series of signature training and coaching programs to help you simplify yet elevate the quality of your communication so you can accelerate results, reduce conflict and attract high value customers/clients. 

The Language of Leadership for Women

This program is a favourite among many of my clients - I have done talks and conduced multi-day workshops on this subject internationally. You will learn the key tools, techniques and strategies to communicate more effectively as a leader, become aware of negative language patterns that  women make (often unconsciously!) that negate their achievements, dramatically reduce conflict, and increase your visibility with influential decisions-makers to lead change within the organisation.

Who is this for?

Women in Middle Management to C-suite

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Trillion Dollar Women

Women today either directly or indirectly influence 80% of buying decisions for products across all sectors. Women are co decision makers on everything from buying a house or car, to investing in financial products,  choosing digital products for the family, making decisions on healthcare to booking travel arrangements - just to name a  few. Yet most businesses, marketers and advertisers continue to use stereotypical language and images which is turning women off, and losing you thousands of dollars. Find out what you are doing wrong, learn how women make buying decisions and how you can build a relationship that makes  her trust you.

Who is this for?
Business Owners & Marketers who want to connect & engage with women consumers more effectively 

Communication Mastery for Leaders, Business Owners and Marketers

Personalised coaching either 1-1 or with a small group to take your communication skills to the next level. Learn specifically where you are sabotaging your success with your communication. We work together over a period of 3 to 6 months to do a deep dive into your mindset, language patterns and set a plan in action to get you the results you want.

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Conflict Management, Negotiation & Mediation

Conflict is a normal part of life because people come to an issue based on different perspectives, needs and goals.Unresolved conflict at the workplace can lead to a toxic environment with unmotivated staff, and poor business outcomes. This training is unique because it comes both the legal issues and ramifications around conflict, as well as the communication tools and strategies to help you negotiate, mediate and defuse potential conflict with empathy - so you can avoid or at the very least, nip a potential simmering conflict before it becomes full blown. This training is led by Ms Gunapathy Subramania, Advocate & Solicitor who was the pioneer mediator for the Malaysian Mediator Centre (MMC) of the Bar Council. 

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