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Master Your Communication,
Maximise Your Impact!

Faridah Hameed 

Communication Coach for Leaders, Business Owners and Marketers

The #1 reason people don't get what they want is poor communication.Most people tend of overestimate their communication skills - and underestimate how it sabotages the results they get. Whether you are a leading a team, growing a business or building a brand, strengthening your communication is the most important investment you can make for amplifying your impact, influence and income. 

I have trained and coached thousands of people from over 50 countries on leadership communication, how to market to women and content development.

Let me help you double, triple or 10x your results in 2019! Apply now for a free coaching session below!

Faridah has been featured in the following media:

Gauri Thanasingam - President,
CNS Worldwide Marketing

I was frankly excited to finally meet a female business coach. What Faridah did for me was amazing. She helped me truly understand my value, and secure my dream job. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all when you have a coach that gets you to focus on what truly matters - RESULTS! She gave it her 110% and I had truly significant results!